Short Answer: Yes, a V, Y or Z-shaped scar.

This is what the scarring looks like (UK and EU clinic photos 2011-2018).

UK Penis Lengthening Surgery in 2016.  BBC Television

Photo of Penis Lengthening Surgery
Photo of Scarring After Penis Lengthening Surgery

Germany – Penile Lengthening 2016

Penis Lengthening Scarring

Germany – Penile Lengthening 2016

Penis Lengthening Surgery


If you are in a long-term relationship, and your partner knows about your penis lengthening surgery, then scarring may not cause you any embarrassment.

If you are a young man and expect to have numerous sexual partners during your lifetime, then ask yourself whether you will feel comfortable explaining away the scars under your pubic hair; in the shape of the letters V, Y, Z.

A scar will need to be made to cut the ligaments. It won’t be fully hidden by your pubic hair.